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Making Room

As we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I am reminded of the story of His birth in the 2nd Chapter of the Gospel of Luke.  We are told in the scriptures that our Lord was born in a manger because there was no room left in the inn.

I would suspect that the innkeeper obviously had no idea what was about to come to pass. He had no clue as to the miracle that would take place on that night. He could not have imagined what would be birthed on his property when those expectant parents happened upon his inn.

For I have to believe that had he known, he would have made room in his most comfortable "suite" for this wonderful birth to take place. I am certain that he would have even given up his own sleeping quarters had he known that a king would be born. I have to imagine that he would have scurried around his inn to MAKE ROOM available for this miraculous occasion. But instead, our Lord was born in the stable.

Now we know that it was the plan of God, that Jesus come to earth with humble beginnings, and we know that the plan was carried out in the perfect fulfillment of prophecy. 

Nonetheless, when I think about an innkeeper having no room for the Savior… the one who would save the world, our redeemer, the one who made atonement for our sins – I also think about how often we don't make room for Jesus in our cluttered, full, busy lives.

For I am sure that if we could see the full plan, we would make some schedule adjustments.

I am certain that if we knew definitively what was being birthed in us or in the lives of those we love, we would rearrange some things.

I believe that if we could see what God already sees in our future, we would

create space, open up some appointments, move some things over and

make room for Jesus!

During Christmas, even in the hustle and bustle of the holiday excitement, most people will make time to "fit Jesus” in their celebrations. Most believers will be reminded of the real reason for this season and will take time to acknowledge Jesus during their gatherings. 

But when the holiday season has long passed, will you make room for him in your daily life?

Will you give up some time wasters so that there is space in your schedule for Jesus?

Are you willing to make the necessary changes so that “making room for Jesus” becomes a priority?

Think about it, a king wants to dwell in you, the Holy One wants to reside with you, and through you something wonderful can be birthed..... Will You Make Room?

Merry Christmas from Charles and Trish Harleston


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