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Find Your Good

Every day may not be a good day, but I promise you - there is good in every single day – so today I’d like to encourage you to find your good!

From the very beginning of time, God knew that there would be much that would certainly be good concerning you. He knew that no matter what trials or turmoil would come your way, no matter what challenges you would have to face or what struggles you would have to endure; he knew that at the end of the day, you would inevitably rise above it all and He would still make it GOOD! It is for that reason that when he created you, He looked at his creation and He said “This is Good!”

Before you were placed in your mother’s womb, it was already predestined that God's goodness and His mercy would follow you all the days of your life; and His promise would guide you through always. He knew, just as He has always known, and will forever know…. that your destiny will absolutely be GOOD!

So, are you good? You can definitively acknowledge and declare – Yes, I am GOOD!

Every morning that we are allowed to open our eyes, we have the power in our mouth to create our good throughout the day. From the very first GOOD MORNING to the mid day GOOD AFTERNOON, to the very last GOOD NIGHT – it will still be all good because every time we speak it, we are prophesying it to be so.

Circumstances do not dictate whether or not life is good. Economic status doesn’t govern if life is good. Social media likes or follows are not what determines our good. Even the right connections and tribes don’t entirely establish good. Because the reality is that YOU ARE STILL GOOD absent any of the above. You were good before you knew you were good and you will be good even when others can’t see the good in you! You have the power to find and to define your good – every single day.

Because GOD established that you are good, it matters not what others speak over your life, because the power for our individual lives lies in our tongue, therefore, we can speak in this moment that no matter what we see with our eyes, IT SHALL WORK FOR OUR GOOD!

So, each day, declare to find the good that makes you smile. Find the good that gives you peace. Find the good that gives you hope.

James Brown declared that He feels good just like He KNEW that He would! In other words, he KNEW with his heart that he would be good even before He felt it in his physical body… He was speaking what the Word speaks over his situation. He knew He was good, and was therefore declaring Romans 8:28 with his words, “WE KNOW THAT ALL THINGS WORK TOGETHER FOR OUR GOOD!”

So if it doesn’t feel good yet, hold on and keep trusting God, because His promise is that He will still make it good!

So amid the pandemic, through racial injustice, there is still much that we can declare in this very moment that is still good.

So I encourage you to Live out your good every day

Speak good over your life – every day

Endeavor to be the good in someone else’s day - every day.

And watch your personal goodness magnify as it manifests in your life beyond what you thought possible.

Although every day may not feel like a good day, just know that there will nonetheless be something good about that day.

Keep your eyes and your heart focused as you FIND YOUR GOOD in every day.

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