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What to Do When You Don't Know What To Do

As the nation grapples with the pandemic that has created social separation, has activated fears and has halted normal daily activity, we as believers are searching for a word that will bring comfort and bring peace during this season. As local, state and national leaders enact declarations that have resulted in significant adjustments to our daily lives and our relational interactions, we are struggling to achieve behavior that is social from a distance.

So, how do we proceed in the weeks ahead when we aren’t convinced that embracing these new guidelines will indeed minimize the continued spread of this virus? What do we do when we don’t really know what we should be doing or what life on the other side of this will look like? For many of us, we began to seek the Word of God for understanding and for some resemblance of assurance of God’s faithfulness as we live out this “new normal”. We have found comfort in Psalm 24 and Psalm 27. We have been reminded of the all-encompassing power of God in Ephesians 3:20 and in 2 Timothy 1:7.

But the text that has provided me with the greatest amount of instruction and guidance to get through the days ahead are found in The Message Translation of Psalm 91. (note emphasis added)

“You who SIT DOWN in the High God’s presence, SPEND THE NIGHT (REST) in Shaddai’s (God’s) shadow, SAY THIS: ‘GOD, you are MY Refuge. I TRUST in you and I AM SAFE!’”

This short text instructs us to do three critical actions: Sit down – Rest – Say!

First, use this time to SIT DOWN in the presence of God. If you are like me, you were busy being busy and now that most events and engagements from my calendar have been cancelled, I have no choice but to SIT DOWN. While we are sitting, let us vow to spend more time in the presence of God than we spend in the presence of CNN.

Secondly, since we are mandated to stay away from large gatherings, many of us have more quiet time than we’ve had in years. Therefore, let us rest our minds as we rest our bodies and allow ourselves to find REST in the shadow and the protection of God.

Finally, be mindful and be intentional regarding what you say during this time. Say this, “God, I trust YOU and I am safe!” Although, we must be obedient to follow the guidelines issued by those placed in authority over us; we don’t have to say what we see or what we think. Instead, we should be saying what we know and what we believe.

Therefore, I beseech you brothers and sisters to do these things in the days ahead.

Sit in the presence of God.

Rest in the protection of God.

Speak the promises of God.

As we adhere to the guidelines set before us.

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