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Pandemic Posture - Prayer

How many times as a child do you remember hearing that your posture today will affect you in the future? I remember hearing these statements quite often as a child: “Sit up straight” “Stop slouching over”. Our parents were trying to convince us that the right posture was critical to our overall mental and physical health. Of course, most of us couldn’t fathom the thought that bad posture would affect our health. But in retrospect, we now understand that poor posture has caused millions of people to suffer health complications that negatively affected the rest of their life. Subsequently, on any given day, being intentional about having the correct posture could have begun to change the trajectory of what had already been forecast to occur in our future.

During this COVID-19 crisis, I believe that our spiritual posture is just as important as our physical posture was when we were children. The more we position ourselves throughout this nation in a posture of prayer, the more we will begin to see the forecast change – even with this pandemic. Do you remember that just a few days ago, the scientific, the medical and the governmental officials all shared the same grim prediction? They forecast that nearly 200,000 American citizens would die from this virus before the end of August. However, I noticed that within a matter of days, that projected number had dropped to 60,000. Yes, that is still a tragic number of losses, but it is a fraction of what was originally predicted. I believe this number changed in part because of social distancing and because we are adhering to the guidelines. But I believe most importantly that this number changed because the people of God all over this globe have began to take a posture of prayer. This pandemic is an enemy that we must call on the power of God to defeat.

In the Old Testament book of Exodus is a familiar story of how God answered Moses prayer to save the people of Israel. God was going to destroy the nation. But according to the story, Moses would not leave God alone, but he “labored in intercession” because he knew the heart of God. When is the last time you labored in intercession for the Lord to have mercy on His people?

The 14th Verse in this 32nd Chapter says, “the Lord relented" (the Lord was moved with compassion). He relented because He was able to get Moses in exactly the position that He wanted – the position of prayer. Moses’ posture that day changed the dismal future of the Israelites. This is the posture that we must take as we join together in prayer to fight this pandemic because powerful prayers move the hand of God.

The more we posture ourselves to pray the promises of God, the more we change the forecast. With a posture of prayer during this pandemic, we can call forth God’s promises for His people. His promise is to give us “hope and a future”.

So, in the days ahead, correct your posture as you position yourself for labor intensive intercession!

Exalt God above the circumstances facing us.

Establish an atmosphere that brings glory and honor to God

Expect God to answer in His time, His way!

Remember, the greatest power to change the direction of the projection is the power of prayer.

Correct your posture and change the forecast.

Remember, the greatest power to change the direction of the projection is the power of prayer.

Correct your posture and change the forecast.

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