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It's Part of Your Testimony

Every day some thing about my past becomes more and more clear to me. The many questions to which I’ve inquired throughout the years each seem to be answered in an instant. As I progress through this process of trying to see God’s hand in some of the circumstances of my past, I realized that so much of what I struggled to understand has suddenly presented itself as pieces of the puzzle that will become my greatest testimony. Throughout this process, I’ve become certain of this one thing, that the Lord does not always reveal the why to us when we want it, but if we will dare to trust Him, the answer to the why will be revealed in His perfect timing.

Have you ever wondered what one thing about your life could change everything? I recently had an experience that has the propensity to change much of what I know to be true about where I am in this season. And as I sat in my quiet place reflecting on this revelation, I was overcome with the reality of the goodness and the faithfulness of God. I am amazed at how the Lord is using everything in life (past and present) to draw me closer to His perfect plan for me.

So, this week, I’d like to use this space to encourage someone to relieve yourself of the stress of trying to understand all of the why’s of your life. The Lord can give us peace even in those things that we don’t fully understand.

Therefore, make time every day to ask the Lord to use every experience to move you one step closer to His divine plan for you. But when you ask, be prepared for some things that might knock you off your feet, but also know that there will be some things that will immediately become a critical part of your move to the next dimension. You will immediately know that somehow, this fits into the thread of your testimony. Everything that you’ve gone through and survived is a part of the tapestry of your predestined future and much of it was strategically staged to propel you forward. A testimony is the positive outcome of a situation that presented itself as devastating during the process. What you’re going through now…. It’s part of your testimony.

Stop looking at your past with regret, but rather, use the view behind you to press beyond where you are with a new level of power, of self-revelation, of renewed energy and with brand new focus on your divine purpose.

Today, decide to look ahead with gratefulness that the presence (Spirit) of God has surrounded you, the blood of Jesus has protected you. The hand of God has provided for you, the grace of God has covered you, and every step was leading you right back to His plan. 


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