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You've Just Been Set Apart

You've Just Been Set Apart

“We have been set apart as holy...”

Hebrews 10:10a God’s Word Translation

The next time that you feel like you’ve been isolated or pushed aside, remind yourself of these words, “you have been set apart.”

As long as I can remember, I’ve loved strawberries. My birthmark is a strawberry. As a child, I referred to the freckles on my tongue as strawberry seeds. I always knew exactly the time of year when strawberry season was approaching.

I especially love when my local supermarket has strawberries at a special bargain where I can buy one quart and get another quart free. The only thing better than a quart of strawberries, is two quarts of strawberries. Although, I love them, I’m not usually able to consume two quarts before they begin to exhibit signs of mushy discoloration, bitter smell and eventually the mold begins to appear. With this being the case, when I purchase more than I can consume in the first few days, I will separate some to set aside for the freezer.

Generally, I will clean all of the strawberries, remove the stems, and I will place some of the berries in a bowl to keep in the fridge for my daily desire for strawberry munching. But I will also set aside some of the strawberries; not because they are bad but because I will have use for them in the future. And because I don’t want them to lose their sweet taste and pleasant aroma, I will take them through the cleaning process; but then I will prepare them for use at a later date. I’ve not set these berries aside because they aren’t right for use today. They are not any less prepared to be eaten today than the ones that I selected for my current consumption. They are not of less quality, nor are they less ripe. I’ve simply decided that I will have another use for them at another time. They are not set aside because they don’t qualify, but rather, they are set aside for a specific purpose in the future.

Of course, frozen strawberries are best for my smoothies; therefore, I will set some aside for the freezer that they may be re-purposed for use in the coming days.

God’s timing for our gifts to be exposed might sometimes be compared to this very simplistic but strategic process used for my strawberries – some can be used today, and some placed in another environment to be used later.

Just because you’ve been consecrated or cleaned up does not necessarily mean that the Lord will put you out on the battlefield or on the stage or in the “fruit salad” right away. Sometimes He will clean us up and set us aside for a designated purpose that requires different conditions for your usage.

Therefore, don’t be discouraged because you’ve been set apart. Just know that there is a pre-ordained purpose just for you. There is a designated plan for how the Lord will use you at just the right time and it is that time for which you were created and have been set apart.

To set apart means that something or someone is being kept or saved for a particular purpose.

My dear child, you are being saved for a particular purpose. Therefore, don’t covet someone else’s purpose or use. Don’t fret when you have to witness enjoyment or satisfaction gained from how someone else is being used. Just rest assured that your day will also come.

You’ve not been forgotten. You’ve not been rejected. You’ve not been discarded.

You have simply been set apart for divine use for a predestined date at another time.

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