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A Mother's Second Chance

Most of us can say that throughout our lives, we’ve had experiences that have been too painful or too shameful to dwell on.

In contrast, there are also situations in life that can only be described as the hand of God showing favor upon our lives.

As we approach the Mother’s Day weekend, I’ve spent time reflecting on circumstances that could easily fit into either of these scenarios. I’ve been blessed to have given birth to three babies who are now three incredible adults who I’m proud to say lovingly call me “Mom.”

Two of my children, Nikki and Evin, have spent their lives as part of my household. However, my middle child, Byron, spent his life with his two wonderful adoptive parents several states away. But, with a recent revelation stemming from the results of the 23andMe ancestry test, we were all reconnected when my youngest sister, Gwen, followed up on an unfamiliar genetic match. Her inquiry regarding that match was the link that connected Byron to our family and offered a second chance to have him as a part of our lives.

I gave birth to Byron in 1980 as a result of a relationship with a young man who was in his first year of college. Although I was unprepared for the news that I was expecting a child, abortion was not an alternative that I would consider. Therefore, unbeknownst to the father, I made the decision to leave my educational institution, to leave my job, to move away and to place this child in the care of an adoption agency that would match him with a family. Thirty-eight years later, I would find myself explaining this painful decision to my now adult son who had been aware of his adoption status and who had spent much of his adult life searching for his biological family. Because I had authorized a closed adoption, Byron was unable to locate his family; as well, Nikki, who had also spent time searching for her brother, was unable to make a connection.

But because of the hand of God and his perfect timing, I’ve learned that this once painful decision would be the catalyst for a magnificent move of God. I would also learn even more about trusting His purpose when I can’t see His plan. His plan always prevails, in His time, regardless of the choices that we’ve made in our past.

Over the past few months, with the sufficient empowering and sustaining grace of God, our family has spent special moments reuniting with Byron and excitedly trying to discover much of what we’ve missed throughout the years. We have spent time embracing the stories of his life as we anxiously await the opportunity to meet his four sons, whom I can’t wait to spoil in true “Mimi” fashion. This entire experience has truly been an incredible blessing in the life of our family. And just as amazing has been the blessing of observing the hand of God orchestrating circumstances throughout this period of reuniting our families. Byron has also connected with his biological father and has been welcomed into two new families in just a few short months. Additionally, the Lord has shown all of us how the power of His spirit within us transcends miles, time, geographical boundaries and physical limitations, because Byron, as well as each of us, immediately felt the familiarity of our soul connection.

For years, I have prayed for a child that I had never seen and never knew if I would have the pleasure to meet. I believe that the prayers of a mother will not only keep a child covered and protected, but I’m grateful that the prayers of this mother have given her a second, or should I say, third chance at being a “Mom”.

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