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All For His Purpose

The devastation of a relationship that ended…

The deflation from being laid off or being fired…

The pain of rejection from an idea denied…

The discouragement of a dream postponed…

Each of these events can be life-altering and can have a negative and lasting impact. But each, though disheartening, can also result in a refocus of our time and a redirection of our energy.

These events have the propensity to change the trajectory or to derail the best made plans.

But – what if this is exactly what is needed to move us away from our plan and closer to God’s plan.

I believe that there are some decisions that are made for us with the purpose of moving us to a destiny that we were uncomfortably close to being at risk of letting slip by.

Therefore, this may very well be used to create within us the internal drive and fire to propel us to a place where we would have never ventured on our own.

Every once in a while, we need to consider that every uncomfortable place and every upsetting outcome is not from the enemy. Sometimes the Lord will orchestrate discomfort simply to move us. Sometimes the Lord will use those close to us to reject our ideas to cause us to step out. Sometimes the Lord will use the undesirable actions of others to draw us closer to Him. And sometimes the Lord will simply use our own limitations to prove His strength and power within us.

As long as we remain committed to His will, He uses whatever means necessary to move us where we need to be in order to fulfill His purpose and our destiny!

It is during this time that we must truly hold on to the scripture in Romans 8:28 that all of it will “work together for the good of those who love the Lord and who are the called to His purpose.”

When the Lord’s purpose is at stake, we can expect doors of great contentment to close in order that divine, supernatural doors of human impossibility might open in our favor – and sometimes the closed doors feel like devastation, deflation, rejection and discouragement.

But, this week, make a decision to no longer curse the change, but rather trust the promise, embrace the plan and walk into HIS PURPOSE.


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