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Embracing the Gift of Grace

Embracing the Gift of Grace


It is because of the grace of God that we have not been consumed. Every day as we experience the grace of God, we must endeavor to receive and embrace this grace in every encounter throughout our day.  In the daily scriptures, grace reminders and grace thoughts that are included in this devotional, the reader is reminded of the moments that we may have missed the incredible grace of God revealed in our daily situations. 


This first devotional in the Weekly Word Devotional Series, Embracing the Gift of Grace is designed to reveal the amazing unmerited grace and favor of God upon our lives.


Grace looks like every occurrence in our life when we accept that we are sinners saved by grace.  We can't breathe without grace.  We can't love nor can we live without the grace of God.  Embrace this incredible gift as you see the grace of God in your every day activities.


These short devotionals will address various seasons of our spiritual walk.  Each book has as its focus a different biblical promise. We hope that through these mini messages, you will draw closer to God along your journey.  


ISBN:   978-1387907496

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