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1....7.XLMail for Exchange 2.0.2download by XLNetworks, Inc.XLMail for Exchange is designed to provide seamless migration of mail from an old version of Microsoft Exchange Server.XLMail offers the following functions:Provides a full import (copy) of emails from the source Exchange server. This feature supports both POP3/IMAP.Creates a calendar based on the contacts stored in the email records.Allows you to export emails from the source Exchange.XLMail for Exchange comes with a built-in mail recovery tool that helps recovering mails damaged or deleted in the past.Is it that easy? Not quite, as XLMail for Exchange is available for a limited set of license types only.XLMail for Exchange Summary:Migration tools are a must for organizations with lots of mails, but they come with lots of limitations, as most of them are specific to a particular server version. The XLMail for Exchange software can fix most of those limitations and it is available as a special migration option for the Standard and the Enterprise license.8.Archive SOB 4.3download by Brian OliveiraMarco MediaSoft Archive SOB allows you to export all your data to the stable, reliable, and trusted Archiva space.With Archive SOB you can easily exchange your files to any archiving software. It can easily identify and remove duplicates before archiving your data.Archive SOB is a reliable archiving software for people and companies that want to archive their data in stable and reliable environment for years.Some of its features are:Removes duplicates and takes care of them before archiving;Detects duplicates using checksums and folder creation;Lists contents of the folder;Handles very large number of files;Allows you to add other applications;Archive your existing data/ folders to the archive space that comes with Archive SOB, making it easier to access and recover your data;Recover your data/ folders by using your original document file and other specified items;Archive your data/ folders to the Archive SOB space, making it easier to access and recover your data;Removes dublicates and takes care of them before archiving;Lists contents of the folder;If Archive SOB is used on multiple computers it's necessary to synchronize your data and folders;Allows you to add 08929e5ed8

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